Florida education officials reject 54 math textbooks for ‘attempts to indoctrinate students’

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I think it’s very important to note that they have not specified what texts in the books were found to be violating their standards and have refused to comment… I’ll definitely have to read more about this because I’m really interested to see what they found as a violation of their standards. Edit: the only thing I could possibly think of is they used ethnic names in examples, or maybe gave little mini cultural lessons? Like maybe referencing a pagoda in a geometry problem or calculating the #of miles slaves had to travel to the north? Like I don’t get it


…math indoctrinates now?


If Timmy was a confederate soldier, how many wars did he win?


“Indoctrinate” means “not slanted enough to my particular view of the world” for these folks.


Common Core is a big buzzword for Red states. Most of the parents can’t understand it so they think that it can’t be that important because they didn’t learn itl. It teaches kids to actually understand math concepts like factoring, which is crucial when learning higher math. Most of this stuff is mandatory in other developed countries which is why most of them have higher scores on standardized tests than American children.