Gay parents called rapists and pedophiles in Amtrak incident. This is just a fraction of the hate and violence the Bible COMMANDS Christians to do.

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The dude followed the child into a restroom and talked with the child unsupervised, then had the audacity to call the kids *parents* pedophiles.


This wave of anti (gay, trans, intellectualism, science, historical accuracy, etc) sentiment and the rise of political power of the religious right is starting to reach a frightening point. The pedophile smear is one of the oldest and most disgusting tricks in the bigotry toolbox and one of the more effective. I don’t think we’ve really seen a moral panic that is being largely driven by a certain popular portion of the mass media and social media and the evangelical church. The latter certainly has more than ample practice at whipping up a moral panic. The bottom line is that a lot of this would not be so easy to spread if the majority weren’t indoctrinated in religion to begin with.


I read the headline and initially assumed it was in some fucked up country in the Middle East. Nope, USA. Ffs.


The anti-LGBT rhetoric will only get worse once Roe vs Wade is repealed.


Religion is the root of all evil in this world.