Gay parents called ‘rapists’ and ‘pedophiles’ in Amtrak incident

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As one of the parents points out, the irony here is that the man calling them “rapists” and “pedophiles” also followed a five year old into the train bathroom to talk to him about sexual issues before trying to exert control on a train. That hateful man is much more an abuser than a couple of loving parents.


The guy followed the kid to the bathroom. I just…yeah.


The kid is a victim as much as his parents. Nobody should have to go through this.


So my wife is Latina and I’m mixed between Caucasian and Latino but my kids look just like me but have just slightly darker skin, just noticeable but something that a normal person with a normal IQ can see isn’t much difference except this one lady at the park when I took my kids to the park without my wife. I GET THE COPS CALLED ON ME officer didn’t say why other than a concerned citizen called. Officer even said it was ridiculous cuz he can tell my kids are mine lmao! So all I can think of is I’m a bald guy who looks white with mixed blood kids at a park by myself. Who tf looks at a dad with their kids and automatically fn assumes I kidnapped them or something wtf???? I know it was that one lady who always glared at me even though I swear she’s been there when my wife was with us multiple times.


The hypocrisy of following an unattended child into a bathroom to call their parents pedophiles. What a sick individual.