how to make a pizza into a complete healthy meal?

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We make pizza and a salad


Puree some veggies and add it to your sauce. I do this with onions and peppers for flavor but I bet other kinds would also be good.


I love broccoli or artichoke on pizza. I didn’t think it would be good but a local place offers them as toppings. Totally recommend trying!


I would eat a smaller portion of the pizza I love and start with a salad.


You could make a spinach and mushroom pizza, that’s about as healthy as it will get. In my mind, when you take something inherently unhealthy, like pizza, and try to make it a health food you end up with something that is neither healthy or tasty. You are much better eating a half serving of less healthy pizza and a half serving of very healthy salad (or cut up vegetables, celery sticks, cauliflower, gazpacho, whatever healthy food you enjoy). That way you get to eat the pizza or cake or whatever it is you want, but have half the calories because you ate half the amount.