I work remotely and my HR said I need to provide a “primary address” in the state

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This submission has been temporarily locked for review due to a high volume of rule-breaking comments. Thank you in advance for your patience as we try to maintain a high-quality discussion. The original submission text is below. — I’ve been working at a job since 2012 in CA. We bought a house and moved during the pandemic and continued our work remotely. My W2 listed our old CA address (with state taxes taken out, we now live in a state without income tax). The HR department contacted me and said I need to move back to CA and provide a primary address in CA, otherwise I can no longer work for them. I’ve been focusing on the “primary address” part. My in-laws live nearby who we visit a lot, and I was wondering if I could use their primary address for correspondence. I am not sure about how strict the consequences are if we don’t technically actually live there for their purposes. I also don’t want to get in trouble in some unforseen way, like with taxes or something. Any suggestions? Am I making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be or should I start looking for another job now? Edit: There’s a lot of conflicting information here, be careful what you read from others online. There’s a lot of wrong information here (I don’t know which yet). Yes, I’m speaking to a tax professional this week.


This is for company tax purposes. Some employers are not cleared to handle different states in their payroll. If you list someone else’s address on your work address, it will not match up to your other tax records


200 days ago you posted a similar post & someone replied that what you were doing is illegal and you were likely going to be terminated – you said you work for the CA Government. Your reply was “Oh Jeez”. You’re trying to find a loophole here that doesn’t exist… without you getting in deeper shit. I’m sorry, but I think you know your options here.


I have employees in different states and it’s a fucking paaain to set up. Not just pay roll taxes but I need workers comp in each state. And holy shit the rates can vary. This is not for op but ppl asking why HR wants you back in CA. It’s a cost if business but you may not be worth the hassle.


You can’t just work anywhere if you’re remote. Taxation changes depending on the state you’re in and you need to tell your employer BEFORE moving. Not all employers are set up to have employees in any state. I’m not sure why so many people do not know this. Also, if you weren’t remote before COVID, your employer can ask you to return to the office and can let you go if you refuse. My former employer had CA employees who moved to cheaper states and told their managers afterwards that they wouldn’t be coming into the office. Leadership determined that if someone was hired to work in the office and didn’t get a formal approval to be remote, they would lose their job if they didn’t show up in the office when it was required. Never mind the tax consequences of claiming to be in a state you don’t live in. Just apply for a legitimate remote job in your state and move on!