If you can convincingly forge a degree of graphic design, you’re practically qualified

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You just use a certificate template in Word. Times New Roman. Easy peasy.


Graphic designer here. I use to make my own parking pass for university using the skills they taught me…


Modern problems require modern solutions


A degree is not a piece of paper, it’s verified record on computers. Now if you can fake that, you are qualified to work in cyber security.


Came REAL close to this in the 90s when I was convinced I was going to fail German IV and therefore not graduate. I was looking at paper stock and blackletter fonts. Pretty certain the TA gave me a D because she knew I was just trying to fulfill a requirement for graduation. And yeah, I was a BFA in Graphic Design. Edit – neither of my parents went to college, so I was fairly sure I could pull it off. Just pop it in a tube, mail it to them from school and tell them I wasn’t eligible to walk at graduation in the spring because I graduated in summer. Yeah, I had put some thought into this scenario…