Instagram pro-eating disorder accounts reaching millions of users, many underage: report

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Another periodic reminder from Meta that their engagement algorithms are damaging to vulnerable populations, and at this stage it seems like that’s entirely by design.


Just a reminder to those who may not know: Eating disorders are mental illnesses that ultimately have very little to do with weight.


I’m a little confused by the term “pro-eating disorder” – it sounds like somebody is promoting eating disorders or encouraging people to develop them on purpose. But from the article it seems like it means spreading misinformation about health and dieting.


Should pro-eating disorder be considered a crime? If pro-eating disorders are creating misinformation to “help People” but are knowingly causing damage to support a crappy cause, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally to their support groups. Then they should be consequences for their actions.


technology: a thousand new ways to measure our own failure.