It’s Still Stupidly, Ridiculously Difficult To Buy A ‘Dumb’ TV

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Protip: Factory reset, then don’t accept the license agreements at startup. My 2021 Samsung *The Frame* which is usually *crawling* with advertisements is now ad-free, and works perfectly.


Price only went down because they data mine you.


I wish they sold dumb TVs as I would rather buy a dumb TV and buy an AppleTV or Chromecast for the software, the built-in stuff usually is outdated very fast, terribly slow and has a horrible interface.


i once had a coworker buy tvs to use as glorified computer monitors without realizing that we could not have wireless devices where he was, so i was tasked with disabling the wifi. turns out the tv had a separate wifi card that was connected to the main control board with a little harness. all i had to do was disconnect the molex connector and bingo, instant dumb tv.


I hooked a VCR up to a “smart” TV, and as soon as I started watching a tape (Titantic, if y’all interested), the TV displayed a popup advertising other ways to watch the movie. Freaked me out a little.