Japan seriously considering high-level dialogue with South Korea

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Is this another example of Russia’s war bringing people together? I hope, for everyone’s sakes, these two fine strong democratic countries can bury the hatchet.


Whats a low level talk? Do they just chit chat? Maybe just texting and meme swapping?


It’s clear that this is world news and not r/Japan, because Japan “seriously considering” things is almost a meme at this point. I do hope that Kishida does better than Abe regarding Korea, but so many things in Japan finish at the “Yeah, we’re *really* thinking about it” stage.


Just admit that you did some crimes 80 years ago, how fucking hard can it be?


Holy crap. Even as a Korean raised American, these grudges run DNA deep. I get more inter-asian hate in America than I do anywhere else. If this starts to change that, it would be truly historic.