Judge Rips Trump In Jan. 6 Trial: ‘Democracy Is In Trouble’ Because Of ‘Charlatans’ Like Trump

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*cue the outrage from the conservative pundits/talking heads.* *”HOW DARE THEY POLITICIZE THE COURTROOM!!”*


I read an interesting factoid today. Today the Senate is spit 50/50, yet the GOP members represent 43 million less voters. Of course we’ve seen how poorly GOP presidential candidates do with the popular vote over the years, but can end up in office nonetheless. So… is this really a democracy when the minority can rule?


America is in trouble because we have an oligarchy instead of a democracy. These charlatans would be laughed out of town if they weren’t so well funded by oligarchs who live to exploit us.


THIS guy should be leading the DOJ and not Garland.


The U.S has never been a good democracy. And now with fascists like trump it is being destroyed. If the U.S was a real democracy then the GOP would be in the minority.