Kindergartner brings Jose Cuervo margaritas to snack time at Livonia school

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Discipline a 5 year old for being attracted to a pink lemonade margarita? Don’t make a big deal about it but ask the parents to check her belongings in the future before she goes to school.


I mean c’mon, kindergarten be stressful these days


“Johnny I’m going to need you to say the ABCs backward for me.” “Boy do I have bad news for you”


Lol…oops. Assuming the kid’s parents didn’t know, they must be mortified! When my kid kept trying to drink our sangria, I slipped some white vinegar in it an let him have a tiny sip. Never tried to drink it again!


In third grade this kid I sat next to brought a knife to school. He brought it because his mom got it for him as a gift. Kids can do some pretty stupid things without realizing it lol.