LPT: “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it” alone is almost never a good reason to keep doing something he old way. A fresh set of eyes can be the best asset you have.

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Balance this with “never tear down a wall until you know why it was built.” Don’t go changing things just because it’s always been done that way. This LPT is a call to research if there’s a better way, not to change it just because.


It doesn’t necessarily mean that the current method is wrong or the new method is right, but if that’s the best argument that can be made for the current method, it’s pretty sus.


A fresh set of eyes doesn’t hurt, but there always needs to be a cost / benefit analysis of making a change.


A woman is about to cook Sunday roast dinner for her family with her daughter watching and helping. The first thing the woman does is cut 2 inches from the end of the roast and throws it in the trash. Her daughter asks “Mom, why do you throw all of that meat in the trash?” The woman responds “Hmmmm, that’s the way my mother always did it. I should ask her.” A few days later the woman asks the grandmother “Mom, why did you always throw away 2 inches of the roast like that?” The grandmother responds “That’s just the way I learned to do it from watching my mother.” The great grandmother was still alive, so the child, mother and grandmother all went to her and asked “Why did you always start cooking a roast by throwing away 2 inches from the end of it?” The great grandmother responds “Oh you sweet dears. We were so poor in those days that I didn’t have a pan big enough to fit an entire roast and we didn’t have a refrigerator or freezer for it to keep!”