LPT: Deer typically stay in pairs. If you’re driving and see 1 deer, slow down and proceed with caution. Chances are there is another deer very close by you don’t see.

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And not just in pairs. I’ve had more encounters with 3 – 5 deer than just 2.


Grew up in deer country. My brother has hit 17 deer, I’ve hit 0. Tricks I’ve learned is exactly what the OP says but add a couple things. If you see a deer cross and look back, expect it to run back across or there to be another coming. Many deer hits come from the animal crossing back and the driver looking in the wrong ditch and the deer running back across to where it came from and it’s friends are. Only large males roam solo, there is always more deer very close, females and young stay in tight knit groups. SLOW DOWN if you see any animals, I slow right down like a school zone, these are prey animals they are stealthy, fast and scared they will surprise you, you need to be going slow enough to stop fast safely. If you see a car going slow or stopped assume it’s because there is a animal, do not fly by them. DO NOT SWERVE to avoid an animal. Rolling, hitting a tree or other vehicle is far more dangerous then hitting an animal. Unless it’s a moose. Lost my best friend in high school to this, and another paralyzed from neck down swerving to avoid a porcupine. Just brake hard and stay straight. Worse case your going too fast and have no options try to get the animal in the center of your vehicle likely your car will be a write off but less likely you will loose control, flip, or roll if the animal doesn’t get under your tires. DUSK and DAWN are by far the most dangerous times, again prey animals use the low light to move around, that is when they are hardest to see and most active. Keep your brights on, makes it easier to see the shine of thier eyes. STAY AWARE and more eyes scanning the sides of the road the better. If your driving in deer country with a passenger don’t let them sleep ask them to stay alert and keep an eye out for animals especially at dusk and dawn. Counting deer helps, our record is 77 in about an hour. If your passenger yells DEER just slow down don’t say where, assume it’s a deer about to jump in front of you.


I’ve come to find these devils will double back as well.


Honk the horn so you don’t hit the deer