LPT: If you live in the USA and you need to relieve stress, just avoid the news.

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I get your sentiment but this requires a shit ton of privilege that most people don’t have. I can’t and won’t just ignore the news and be ignorant of laws being debated on or passed that affect my life and the lives of people I care about, of things going on in country that I need to figure out how to protest or take action on, of communities that need support. Your note that this is a “relatively safe country” speaks to this level of privilege. You can figure out ways to manage your access to news without cutting yourself off, for example avoiding social media full of commentary and stories from a variety of, sometimes unreliable, news sources and focusing on one or two trusted news sources.


> We are fortunate to live in a relatively safe country. Doesn’t this vary a lot according to certain social factors?


It’s the fine line of staying sane and staying informed… and, it can be an *exhausting* line to walk.


It’s kinda true in the UK too, but our TV and radio news isn’t driven by ratings. Two of our biggest news broadcasters, BBC and channel 4 are state owned and don’t rely on ratings or advertiser revenue. Our print media, however, is the worst in the world. Much of the clickbait you see on Reddit comes from British newspapers like the Daily Mail or the Express. I haven’t bought a newspaper for 20 years and I stopped watching the tv news when Covid started.