LPT: If you’re traveling to a new city, open google maps and download offline of the area

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Also, research restaurants ahead of time and ‘star’ the good ones on google maps. Do this for restaurants all over the city. This way, you can reference your map and find the closest ‘star’ wherever you ended up while exploring the city. You can now avoid making last minute decisions to go into whatever restaurant because you are hungry, a decision that can often end in bad experiences, especially in tourist areas.


Also, if you do this at a fast food place/shopping mall that has free WiFi, you won’t use up your mobile data.


I do this when I travel but the last couple times it has really let me down. I downloaded the area and then it just isn’t there!! The area is listed in my downloaded offline maps but if i try to use google maps while in that area it acts like it would if I had not downloaded anything. Gray unmarked areas, no map. I’ve had to go back to buying real maps again because it repeatedly has gotten me hella lost when I think I have the offline map and then it won’t load!


Also download any local bus/subway apps, which come in handy for very large cities.