LPT: There is never, ever a good reason to take out your frustration on the people you care about.

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Agreed. My fiancé and I have a thing about this. If one of us is in an irritable mood and we recognize it, we alert the other one, and we do what we need to do to deal with it, such as talking it out, taking a shower, doing some activity to defuse ourselves, and we come back together when we’re calm. That being said, we’re human. Being human often means that you’re at your most unguarded, unrestrained, and vulnerable place when you’re with the person you feel the most comfortable with. Occasionally, we do snap at each other or take our irritability out on each other. It happens, we’re not perfect. When it does happen, though, we apologize immediately and tell the other person “you didn’t deserve that, I’m sorry.” We’ve done this since the beginning of our relationship and we’ve continued to do it ever since. Five years strong this June, and next June is our wedding.


I needed the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph 16 months ago. Ruined a great relationship 💔 I’ve tried everything since and there’s nothing I can do to make up for the pain and destruction it caused


If they treat you worse than they would a stranger, the relationship isn’t worth it.


Absolutely spot on!