LPT: To gain confidence, imagine yourself as the best person there is. Telling yourself that will get you to subconsciously view yourself more positively. Whenever you enter a room with people, tell yourself that everyone in the room loves you. This can boost your self-esteem.

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Isn’t this how cocky people think? This tip might be helpful for some but I’ve known some incredibly arrogant people who suck the oxygen from the room and I imagine they truly believe everyone loves them.


Wow, that totally doesn’t sound narcissistic at all.


This is really terrible advice. Here’s what works me: Walk into room. Not give two shits what they think about me because it doesn’t matter. How will their perception of me change my life? If it won’t, I don’t care. If it will, I just need to know precisely what my goal is in that interaction.


But then you risk becoming a narcissist?