LPT: When somebody is giving you a ride, you have to wait for them, not them for you.

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When I use to carpool with a friend we had a rule. We would alternate weeks of being the driver and when we pulled up to the others house you had 3 minutes to get in the car or the car is leaving. No need for both of us to be late and it really kept you disciplined of not just being ready to go as a passenger but also on time as the driver because you assume they are waiting on you too.


Had a buddy in high school I would pick up every morning for practice. After a week of waiting outside for him every day, he texts me “I’ll be outside in 7 or 19 minutes”. Didn’t give him many rides after that.


*When someone is doing you a favor, make it as easy as possible for them. FTFY


I’m pretty brutal with this one. I’ve left people on multiple occasions…my expression is “you wait for the train the train doesn’t wait for you”. It’s a good lesson to teach people. They tend to not be late if they ever want a ride again.