Man who paid $2.9m for NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet set to lose almost $2.9m

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“My offer to sell was high and not everyone could afford it,” Estavi told Reuters via Twitter direct message, adding that he was no longer sure if he would sell the NFT. “It’s important to me who wants to buy it, I will not sell this NFT to anyone because I do not think everyone deserves this NFT,” Estavi said. Okay buddy you tell yourself that.


He lost $2.9m when he bought it. He’s just now finding that out.


“Man who bought into scam got scammed out of his money.” not really that oniony when you put it like that


The offer for $6800 was still stupid. $2.9m is incomprehensibly stupid.


Who would’ve thought that paying for air would be worthless. Wow.