Muting your mic reportedly doesn’t stop big tech from recording your audio

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I read an article a while back about how it was insane that the camera light on laptops is in no way linked to the camera hardware – it’s just a separate controllable entity, and you have to rely on software being coded to switch it on. Make the light a part of the camera firmware. If the camera is accessed, it switches on. The programmer doesn’t get a say. Do the same with the mic. Have a “hot mic” light and have software “mute” buttons actually switch it off. I find it pretty amazing that these two basic privacy features aren’t standard.


You can tell that they’re still listening by the “your mic is muted” screenpops


Anyone got a list of programs that actually transmit data while the microphone is software muted?


This is why I have a hardware mute switch and a cover for my webcam. I don’t trust those fuckers as far as I can throw them.


Get an external mic with a physical mute button/level control!