My partner and family have protested at an abortion clinic. I just found out. Kinda mind blown.

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Find out when they are going next time and walk into the clinic with a donation check.


So when you say partner, you mean not married, no legal documents drawn up, no children involved? Fucking run. You really want to be with some sad pathetic loser who thinks he knows better than woman on their bodies, talk about a small dick control freak. Get the fuck out while you can or get ready to be a thing and not a partner.


Christian extremists


Man, my advice is to have a calm discussion and tell her your views and listen to her own. You won’t agree with them. Up to you whether you want to be firm and say that she needs to change, tbh I would tell her that I don’t think I can be with someone who actively engages something that I disagree with, more specifically, something that doesn’t just affect her own well being but affects other negatively.


They have nothing better to do with their lives than stand outside of abortion clinics and be assholes to people? What a pathetic and dreary life that must be, how coincidental that those are the exact types of people who would’ve been better off having been aborted themselves, there’s just no space for religious lunatics in society anymore. It’s tiring for sane people who have to deal with it, and it surely must be tiring for them living with such unnecessary hate and aggression.