New York green lights massive renewable energy projects to cut fossil fuel reliance

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New York state approved contracts for two massive infrastructure projects that will enable the state to power its electric grid with clean, renewable energy. It includes a highly anticipated transmission line that will bring clean energy from Canada into New York. The state is trying to phase out its existing fossil fuel-burning power plant which provides nearly 90 percent of New York’s total electricity.


And of course, we decommissioned nuclear reactors, because they’re so dirty compared to fossil fuels. Also, not sure why we aren’t putting wind turbines in the massively unpopulated areas of the state and off the coasts.


Good to see another state being serious about renewables.


I already knew because of how suddenly youtube has been giving me ads about “the government is coming to take away your wood burning stoves” on like every fucking video


i never understood the rights argument on why green technology is bad, besides the obvious ‘our donors pay us to say it is’. as a nation this would increase our security b/c we wouldn’t rely on OPEC, we could then use our own gas/oil reserves for something else or complete cut it off.