Police: More than 900 civilian bodies found in Kyiv region

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It’s because civilians are the only ones Russian soldiers are capable of engaging. Weak men from a weak country.


Putin needs to be held accountable for his war crimes.


That’s what happens when the defending army keeps kicking their asses, so they take it out on the innocent. Take every single Russian soldier/officer to the Hague.


I feel like Russian soldiers are so incompetent and mentally challenged they gloat to their families about “killing nazis”, while NOT showing them that these “nazis” are civilians.


Some of these commenters have insensitive and alarmingly Russian apologist takes. Hope they’re trolls or bots but knowing how brainwashed and radicalized the general population has become I doubt they’re all bots. My heart goes out to all Ukrainian victims, lives that were stolen and survivors who will always carry this pain and suffering.