Remains of chemical weapons left by the Russians have been found in the Sumy region

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I just picture some shitty Russian soldier in a trench coat running around with ampoules. Hope he trips.


Sarin gas fits the description of the supposed chemical weapons used in Mariupol that the US was unable to confirm. This is either some well thought out propaganda from Ukraine or some devious serious human rights violation and massive crime committed by the Soviets.


Is this the red line that shouldn’t be crossed or are we waiting for more war crimes?


OP is misinformed, this is a test kit.


> “We found remains of chemical weapons in the village of Bilka – sarin and other substances. Ampoules were found. Now the Security Service of Ukraine is working on it. Perhaps the occupiers wanted to use this chemical in Kyiv, Poltava or other cities.” If this is true they need to get the OCPW involved immediately or they are in breach of the chemical weapons convention.