Rotting fruit, rotting vegetables. How Texas just made the supply chain worse.

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>The “financial pain” was a necessary consequence to “get the public to insist that their government leaders” take action to curb illegal immigration, Abbott said. What a pathetic cop-out. You reversed *your own decision* within a week because it had hundreds of millions of economic losses and affected countless Americans. Now he’s trying to act like it was all part of the plan, and those supply chain shortages and 6-mile logjams are worth it for the political theater. I just wish we lived in a sane world where idiotic shit like this lost him votes. But the GOP electorate will step on rakes as long as they can blame Dems for getting smacked in the face.


You have to love people like Abbott who complain how “the left” and “socialists” are ruining: jobs, the economy, people’s freedoms, ect. Then they go around and completely create things ten times worst and people still hold on to the belief: “Why don’t they fix this problem they created, but I can’t vote them out. I rather be for Russia than vote for a dem or even worse, a lib!” “Don’t take my guns!”


Why are Republican governors such twits, and can’t even forsee economic impacts and pain their actions will cause? I was a Republican till 2004, now a die hard Bernie fan let’s help everyone. But damn, these southern and Midwestern governors are 1 step forward, a car ride backwards


Republicans hurt working people to keep power. They want to make people suffer and then lie and say it’s the president’s and democrats fault. Monsterous. Don’t vote for Republicans. They don’t believe in our democracy.


These truckloads of rotted food should be delivered to the Texas Capitol.