Russian troops in Mariupol to ban all movement in the city in preparation for “filtration” operation

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>filtration operation Well that sounds fucking sinister.


Declaring a people doesn’t have the right to exist and “filtering” a population sure does give Nazi vibes. Looks like more Javelines and drones headed your way assholes. Eat some more shit!


Filtration operation…it kinda sounds like Hitler’s finals solution (which meant burning Jews in concentration camps) Russia, just admit that you have become Nazis and Putin wants to be Hitler 2.0.


>Russian troops are also spreading fakes: to “lift the spirits” of the occupiers and intimidate the people of Mariupol, they announced the arrest of a NATO general in Mariupol. These dumb fkrs would believe this shit.


By filtration they mean kidnapping the entire city and sending them to Siberia. It’s a fucking genocide.