Russian warship: Moskva crew ‘shown for first time since sinking’

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They’ll never admit how many sailors died on the ship anyway, so they could have simply lined up 100 random sailors and no-one is in a position to know.


Only 100? Isn’t the crew 510 total?


I recall the sinking of the Kursk. Until the evidence of their own mistakes became undeniable, they were trying to run with the story of the Kursk being rammed by a US sub.


>It is not clear when the meeting took place. So… could have been photos from whenever.


If this meeting really took place in Sevastopol, there are really strong chances it was recorded before the sinking. The sky of the city was partially cloudy since the 7 of this month. Edit : Maybe it took place here : 44.63407713076714, 33.53835390740558