Semiconductor average lead time breaks half-year barrier

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I’m currently finalizing a design, and had to change the power supply chip. Because the supplier said it might take 36 months to get them.


Look I just wanna know why the picture for this article is a motherboard partially buried in what appears to be snow.


Because of how costly any delays can be, many large companies are also trying place larger than normal orders to lock down supplies for future product needs vs on demand production. This ends up straining the current supply even more and adding to the production lag / lead time. It’s in a ~~negative~~ positive feed back loop


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an explanation of *why* this is happening. All I know is that I still can’t buy a PS5.


Now there are a bunch of semi conductor flippers making a fortune. My team (at a major tech company) had to pay 6x the component price to get a small quantity to build some prototypes. It’s insane. An FPGA which is usually $20 in small volumes is selling for like $300. People are making a killing flipping and hoarding chips