Sen. Mike Lee privately fumed that his ‘credibility is impaired’ after Trump publicly attacked him even as Lee plotted to overturn the election

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The part that still amazes me is that after all this time the Republicans can see Trump driving the bus and yet are shocked when he not only throws them under it but runs them over. Apparently, Sen. Susan Collins was wrong, as it appears that all Republicans cant learn a lesson.


Imagine if Republican voters had to address the shortcomings of their own elected officials rather than deflecting with bullshit about how both sides are the same. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard a Republican discuss problems within their own party. I guess the mirror is a scary place to look for many voters.


His credibility was impaired long before that.


That’s what happens, Mikey, you sell your soul to Trump and he shits on you.


“Short-sighted political hack shocked to find that the lying, cheating, racist narcissist he hitched his wagon to has tossed him into the raging rapids.”