Senator ‘In Shock’ As Trump-Backed Neb. Governor Candidate Put Hand ‘Up My Dress’

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>Omaha’s former mayor reportedly responded to the accusations by saying that he wanted to put Slama on the witness stand to ask her what she was wearing I just…can’t. Like cartoon villains.


Disgusting behavior, but this probably slingshots him past a state election and makes him the leading GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential election.


Funny how these republicans call Democrats groomers.


> a sometimes beauty pageant judge **punches air** Of fucking course he is…


> Nebraska Republican state Sen. Julie Slama said she was “in shock” when Donald Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster allegedly put his hand “up my dress” at a GOP dinner. Something about lying with dogs. Get out of the Asshole Party, Ms Slama.