Simple/Short/Silly History Questions Saturday, April 16, 2022

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What kind of underwear was Hitler probably wearing when he died?


How were paints typically priced during the Renaissance? I got a little bit of information on how they probably were made, but not how they were priced. Also what colors were common for a collection of paints? I’d love some book recommendations as well on this.


When did ordinary people first start keeping ornamental house plants?


Why didn’t bidets get popular in America? Was it just porcelain supply chain issues? Weren’t they popular in Europe at the time? Popularity was enough to encourage wide adoption of manicured grassy lawns- laws even require it in many places now. So why no bidets?


What was life really like during the Great depression? We see so much about the people who were completely devastated by it, as well as those who were able to capitalize on it, but how much did life change for the average American whose job wasn’t lost?