Six Republican (5 out of 6 are Christians) vote against Russian war crimes bill, including Marjorie Taylor Greene who led pro-Putin chants at a white supremacist rally

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on a different note, When are we actually gonna separate church from government…when are the Americans gonna learn that a decision should be made with reasoning and rational thinking and not with the bible and beliefs?


They are all traitors


5 out of 6? What the hell is the other guy? Can’t be Muslim or an atheist..


I can just imagine the rationalizations. Putin wears a cross necklace, therefore everything he does is justified. God is working through him, just like God was working through Trump until those Satanic Democrats stole the election. Normal moral and ethical standards don’t apply to anyone the Christian nationalists approve of. If Putin deliberately ordered the killing of civilians it’s obviously part of God’s plan.


>Six Republican (5 out of 6 are Christians) Who’s the sixth?