So there was this assassin that charged $10,000 per bullet.

A guy comes up to him in the bar one day and says, “Are you the guy who charges $10,000 a bullet?” “Yup.” “What if you miss?” He looks at the man, deadly serious. “I don’t miss…” “Okay, we’ll I’ve got $20,000. I just found out my wife is having an affair with my best friend. They’re at the motel together right now.” “Let’s go,” the assassin says. So they drive to a store across the street from the motel and climb up on the roof. The assassin takes out his rifle and attaches the scope. “They’re in room 21. I want you to shoot her in the head, and I want you to blow his dick off.” The assassin looks through his scope. He keeps staring for several minutes, not taking the shot. “Well? What are you waiting for!?” the husband asks. “Hold on a minute. I think I can save you $10,000.”

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The assassin deserves a 5 star google review assuming he can deliver on his promise.


🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s an assassin who looking out. I’ll give an extra 5k you hit a clean shot through both heads.


Good assassin, bad businessman


You know…that’d make for a really memorable mvie scene.


Such a wholesome assassin. Wish all assassins were as nice as he is!! The guy i hired wouldn’t even show me his face!