States scale back food stamp benefits even as prices soar

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All the states listed that have cut back benefits are run by Republicans. So Republicans refuse to raise minimum wage to a livable level. They cut food benefits while food prices are skyrocketing. And they talk about pulling up bootstraps and forcing people to take all these underpaying jobs that are available, even though people can’t live on the wages because the same Republicans won’t raise the minimum wage. All the while they answer criticism about their lack of caring for those in need by calling measures to help “socialism,” AND at the same time talking about what good Christians they are, while doing the opposite of what Christ preached over and over. The amazing thing is not that these politicians are hypocritical assholes, it’s that so many poor Republican voters continue to put these people in power even though they don’t do anything to help them. These states are just doomed to be crappy forever at this rate.


Gov. Pete Ricketts said was necessary to “show the rest of the country how to get back to normal.” We should just pull ourselves up by our bootstraps right? Hey how’d that Governor do it again? “Ricketts is the son of Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade. He is also, with other family members, a part owner of Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs.” Guess we can all get back to normal by calling our daddies for a job and money!


Because this country and it’s politicians aren’t interested in helping the poor, go look at what disabled people live on and you got your answer (mixed with the fact some politicians want to start taxing people on that meager payment that doesn’t even cover rent in many areas)


Someone leave a sticky note for local government we are only 9 meals away from a revolution


A lot of elderly are on food assistance programs as well. They can’t just “get to work”.