Suspect in road rage shooting calls police on victim, gets arrested for attempted murder

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A passenger in Langworthy’s vehicle said he “did not see anything as he had his headphones in and was listening to music,”


“When they arrived, Langworthy told officers he threw a Mt. Dew can at a vehicle after the driver cut him off in traffic.” Why? What’s the point?


How did that phone call go? Help 911 this guy got in the way of my bullet. Please send help at once?


The loss of education is having an effect faster than I thought.


“Langworthy pointed a gun at her. After the victim retrieved her own firearm from the glovebox, Langworthy shot at her “multiple times.” The victim shot back one time because she was in fear for her life, she said.” I get guns CAN save your life, but to me it seems like guns lead to 99 situations like this for every 1 actual self-defense case where a gun actually helped. This ended up with two people shooting at each other because they escalated with guns (i.e. 1st person pulls, which makes 2nd person pull, which makes 1st person shoot, which makes 2nd person shoot). Edit – typo escalated