Texans to see ’empty store shelves’ this weekend due to Abbott border inspections

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He can blame it on the liberal West just like Putin does.


Step one: Cause Problem. Step two: Blame President. Step three: Win election?


You guys love your Republicans. Enjoy. Sorry to my fellow normal Texans that you have to live in that Republican shithole.


They (and the folks that vote for them) just don’t seem to understand that they end up screwing over every one when they try to own the libs. Maybe they do know and their voters are just collateral damage in whatever political war is going on? I just can’t imagine this level of soul-selling simply because you believe the *right people* are getting hurt. I have three kids and my oldest is autistic and diabetic.I live in Georgia. His autism is severe enough that he is not able to live on his own and would not be able to work but he is unable to get Disability coverage and does not automatically qualify for medicaid coverage. He turned 26 so my employer-provided health care no longer covers him so I had to find coverage through the ACA. Georgia is one of 12 states that declined Medicaid expansion offered through the ACA. My GOP-supporting family and friends that know my son keep saying that surely he qualifies for Medicaid or Disability. “He is someone whom this stuff was designed for.” They *know* that my son should be qualified unlike *”those folks who cheat the system”* who *”get paid to stay at home”*. So they vote for candidates that claim they are going to fix those shortcomings in the system but they *”fix”* it by making it harder or impossible for *every one* to get, including those who need it. So, now, for my family of four, I’m paying premiums to one insurance company for three of us, paying almost the same in premiums for my type 1 diabetic son, while also paying taxes that allows his MAGA-loving grandparent to continue to receive life-saving care that he would not be able to afford otherwise. And this is somehow better.


Abbott claimed that people’s “financial pain is a necessary consequence to get the public to insist their government leaders to take action.” In other words, a government leader is causing his constituents and countrymen financial pain, to send a message to the public about their government leaders. Sheesh Texas. I’m just a dumb old Yankee, but were I voting in your gubernatorial race this year, I’d certainly kick my government leader the fuck out of office for having the balls to drive up the cost of my groceries as a “consequence” for the government not working as one of the leaders of it wants.