The Kids Online Safety Act Is a Heavy-Handed Plan to Force Platforms to Spy on Young People

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Thanks for the warning. Let us know when it’s passed into law since we really have little to no control over what happens anymore. edit: /s but not really


“KOSA would empower the Texas attorney general to define material that is harmful to children, and the current position of the state would include resources for trans youth. This would allow the state to force online services to remove and block access to that material everywhere—not only Texas. That’s not to mention the frequent conflation by tech platforms of LGBTQ content with dangerous “sexually explicit” material. KOSA could result in loss of access to information that a vast majority of people would agree is not dangerous, but is under political attack.” Big yikes if this works in concert with CRT/anti-LGBTQ censorship.


“The solution ladies and gentlemen, is more data collection, more tracking of the people using our services.” “Excuse me, what problem were we addressing? I think we skipped over that part.” “You are correct. But, the solution we have is vital to protect our children—“ “From what?” “Look; I’ve been going city to city giving these conferences and so, last night I fell asleep. Sue me. and so that part of the new speech wasn’t finished. But, it’s the boring part anyway. This new technology we have empowers us to protect lives, a new paradigm in architecting a safer future for the children, is what we should be focused on. The reasons to use it; I could come up with a dozen, easy with my notes from last years tour of our conference on body searches for daycare.”


U.S. citizens: Call your senators first thing Monday morning. (I called mine, and my representative, weeks ago when EFF first raised this alarm.)


90% of the time when someone says is to protect the children It’s not…. this will just be used to spy on people.