The people who take 0,3 seconds to go from deep sleep to full consciousness are capable of handling every single other challenge that the world can offer, except having patience for the people who can’t.

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I am one of those people, but what I’m really envious of is my girlfriend, who takes 0.3s to FALL asleep….


Same way as feeling good all the time is really bad for developing empathy for other’s discomfort and pain.


Takes me at least an hour to recover from waking up, no matter how well I sleep.


I get to sleep very quick, and to fully awaken too. I also usually wake up within 10 min of my daily alarm, even on weekends. It took me years to stop trying to rush my SO into fully awaken state, but she still sometimes forgets the other end of the situation, and talks to me in bed, waking me up multiple times after I’ve just fallen asleep, as she doesn’t realize I’m sleeping already, minutes after I said goodnight.


I have to do that for school in the mornings, I hate it but I can do it