The sun has blasted Mercury with a plasma wave

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The powerful eruption, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), was seen emanating from the sun’s far side on the evening of April 11 and took less than a day to strike the closest planet to our star, where it may have created a temporary atmosphere and even added material to Mercury’s comet-like tail, according to


Man, not only websites have crappy autoplay videos these days, now they are including multiple of them, which play even when paused. Holy fuck. Who is making this shit


We’re just one well aimed sun fart away from a global natural disaster.


Is it just me or do we see some report of a CME every single day the past couple weeks? What gives? Edit: my concern here is that the sensationalist wording of these headlines for common occurrences is going to have the effect of crying wolf when a bad one does occur. It seems weird for science mags to be jockeying for clicks when their main concern should be maintaining the most sane and clinical take on things in a world where sensationalism is everywhere.


Good. Pathetic excuse for a planet deserves it.