The US military is partnering with a startup to build 3D-printed barracks in Texas

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Yes, affordable housing is a problem. And yes, barracks and base housing is also a problem. The amount of black mold infested barracks I had to stay in that should have been condemned was insane. It isn’t a competition or zero sum game, and hopefully the investment in this technology will help make it cheaper for the wider public.


I remember when 3D printers were becoming ‘a fad’ about a decade ago. They were very primitive, expensive, and minimally useful. Of course, I remember early ink jet printers and CRT touch screens (at least HP’s) long ago, which were also primitive, expensive, and minimally useful. Come to think of it, my first computer (z80-based CP/M) was primitive, expensive, and minimally useful. When house-size, 3D printers can handle other different materials such as metal, plastic, and carbon fiber, I may be reminiscing again (if I live that long).


But no 3D printed affordable housing for the plebs?


I’d be more impressed with 2D printed barracks


Didn’t they get the memo? The 3D printing is no longer the current hype technology. It is blockchain and Metaverse and greenwashing now.