TIL An ad for Tango, a soft drink in the UK, which showed a topless orange man slapping people as a metaphor for tasting the drink, caused a craze where kids would slap each other and say “You’ve been Tango’d!” With one child suffering a perforated ear drum. The ad was withdrawn.

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I remember around the time this ad came out, we were playing rounders in school and there was this Chinese kid whose last name was Tang who was batting. He hit a home run, and the teacher went, “You’ve been Tang’d!”


I remember that add. It was definitely a thing to suddenly slap other kids and shout “you’ve been tangoed” and run away. The fella was orange cos its an orange drink, and I think there were a couple of variations of the add. I remember there was cometary over the top like you get at a snooker tournament. The ads were around for quite a while before being withdrawn. However before this advert I remember we all used to slap each other on the forehead or back of the neck and shout SPAM and run away …… no idea why. Can anyone remember why??? Kids just like to be rowdy sometimes.


Ad still lives on in pop culture. Still hear people making “she’s been tangoed” jokes about girls with fake tan.


Ah, those were the days. It wasn’t immediately withdrawn, though. I was watching those ads for months and months. Later, they changed them so that the guy ran up and kissed someone, but the playground kids were sticking with slapping people.


Is Tango the UK version of faygo?