TIL Blockbuster Video’s attempt to enter Japan in the early ’90s failed due in part to their business strategy of “Wholesome Home Entertainment” not accounting for the popularity in Japan of extreme horror films, or the fact that adult entertainment accounted for 35% of the Japanese video market

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“I’m looking for a movie about Halloween house of whores.” “Did you say horrors?”


On a semi related note, I can’t believe that it’s illegal to rent video games in Japan. Or more accurately, it’s not possible to rent a video game in Japan (without explicit permission from the publisher of the game) because copyright laws over there don’t allow for it. Video game companies were able to successfully lobbying the government very early on and get it outlawed while movies were able to avoid that. Nintendo tried to lobby here in the United States against Blockbuster for it, but were unsuccessful. The most they were able to do was go after them for photocopying the user manuals.


A clear lesson in researching the market and match it to target audience demographics. 😂


No porn? No gore! *Japan leaves chat*


It would also be difficult as we already have something similar to blockbuster here called tsutaya. Which are still alive. It’s only bcs of covid more and more people decided to use streaming, way back 2016 when I was still at my stepdad’s home, they still go to tsutaya every week to rent dvds