TIL Hitler insisted on large, permanent sites for V-2 rocket launches. The largest of these sites was destroyed by RAF tallboy bombs before it was completed.

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RAF: oooh, that looks big and important, let’s drop some big ass bombs on it just to fuck shit up.


Another one of hitlers genius military decisions


It was also one of the targets of Operation Aphrodite, the failed plan to pack B-17s with explosives and crash them into targets. Of the 14 missions attempted, 0 succeeded, but not only did 0 succeed but almost all of them failed spectacularly, including the mission that killed Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., brother of John F. Kennedy, when the B-17 drone piloted by Kennedy prematurely exploded over England, far from it’s intended target (I say drone because the plan was to pilot the B-17, packed with explosives, to the target and then kinda point it in the right direction then bail out and hope it hits the target). Needless to say a big problem with the plan is it relied on there being weak air defences, and that the payload wouldn’t detonate prematurely, which it often did.


I remember back in college when me and my bros would drop some tallboy bombs on a Friday night


Thats why the Bowie song is Called V-2