TIL in the countersuit of Billy Mitchell by Twin Galaxies arcade over fraudulent high scores, there was a request for $3,333,360 in general damages- same number as the possible highest Pac-Man score- and $3,160,200 in special damages- equal to the sum of Mitchell’s faked Donkey Kong scores.

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Fuck Billy Mitchell. He’s a shit in every possible way.


Quick context: For arcade records, you need to use a real machine. For at least one of Billy’s records, he used MAME (an emulator). It is obvious because the opening screen of the game opens center-out (like curtains opening) vs MAME’s top-down opening. His record used top-down. In one record, he submitted it by VHS, IIRC this is on the King of Kong movie, and you can see not only this, but also the video glitches every few seconds and his score goes up. Most likely save states and him glitching the video on purpose. Furthermore, many of his records were also verified by judges later found to be cheating. And not slight cheating, they were blatant AF. Like getting 999,999,999 on a game that gives points by the 5, or, in one of the score’s cases, famous cheat Todd Rogers’s score of 5.51 seconds on Dragster. He claimed to start the race in second gear, but both TAS (tool assisted speedruns) and literally going through the source code found that to be impossible. TL;DR blatant as fuck cheating, he’s suing even though he’s obviously in the wrong.


I saw him at the Midwest gaming classic in Milwaukee in 2018. He looked like a used carpet from a 70s porno shoot.


This whole saga has been a wild ride. I’m not a lawyer, but the legal aspects of the case(s) are really interesting


Billy Mitchell once attacked me with a plate of nachos. This is a (mostly) true story. Can I sue him?