TIL of the Potato Park. A seed bank in Peru, it is managed by Indigenous communities and focuses on Andean crops and plants. It specialises in potatoes, and houses samples of 2300 of the 4000 varieties in the world

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They have a restaurant too (or at least they used to) where you can have a meal cooked by local residents that is different potatoes cooked in different ways for every course. Crispy starter, soup, main had savoury potatoes 3 ways, then a sweet dessert. Stunning scenery too.


Andean potatoes have an amazing flavor and texture. The first time I tried them it was like a while new dimension of potatoes. Truly


Welcome to potato city, where the magic of vegetables never ends.


I never knew there are so many varieties! And potatoes are my favorite food! I want to try them all now!


Not as fun as Tayto park in Ireland