TIL that, for 25 years, “Goodnight Moon” wasn’t carried at the New York Public Library because it was hated by the children’s librarian.

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There is an excellent episode of the 99% Invisible podcast about this: 415 – Goodnight Nobody. Anne Carroll Moore hated this book and in general had a massive power trip about children’s books, but to fair, she was part of the group who invented children’s libraries. Before her, libraries were a serious place where adults went to read quietly. By introducing the immediately popular children’s reading rooms, she gave access to books to children who otherwise would have struggled to find reading material, in a model that quickly spread throughout the world. By all accounts, she was an odd duck though, and not very pleasant to interact with. And she carried a puppet called Nicholas everywhere with her and made people speak to it like a real person so there’s that.


She saw “the quiet old lady whispering “Hush”” and she felt called out.


In the great green room there was a telephone


Fuck that librarian in particular.


”Don’t make me tell you again about the scootching.”