TIL that “Goodnight Moon” author Margaret Wise Brown died of an embolism following surgery, when kicking up her leg to show her nurses how well she was feeling caused a blood clot that had formed in her leg to dislodge and travel to her heart.

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Those are no joke. Guy I know just had leg surgery and he complained of pain to his doctor, who ignored it, for a couple weeks. Knocked out half his heart, they had to revive him over 11 times, had to bypass his heart, and after weeks of almost no hope, the guy pulled out of it and is going to survive (except he’ll lose his leg) with no signs of brain damage. You gotta be really careful with stuff like that.


Usually a clot from the leg will lodge in the lungs so it must have been huge.


That’s a depressing turn from a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush.


I had a pulmonary embolism after my ACL operation, very painful, wouldnt recommend. Cant give blood now either.


And that is why often you need to inject yourself with blood thinner for a couple weeks after many surgeries.