Trump, allies “inarguably committed” crimes with Jan. 6 “coup”: Kirschner

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*”If Trump and company are not criminally charged for the crimes they inarguably committed, DOJ [the Justice Department] will have given them permission to do it all over again,” Kirschner added. “And next time they will succeed.”* First time was just their own little beer hall putsch, they will learn from the mistakes and take our country next time.


It’s the same headline over and over again. Yes, conservatives want a fascist regime and attempted to create one. Anyone with half a brain knows this.


Holy fucking Christ. How many times am I gonna read the headline “Trump and friends definitely did dirt and coordinated Jan 6”? This shit has been pointed out a million times over now and they are seemingly no closer to making any arrests. What the fuck more do you need to bring the hammer down on these assholes?


Are we going to hold them accountable?


And the delusion that we are a system of checks and balances. I actually used to believe that shit.