Ukraine’s richest man vows to rebuild besieged Mariupol – Reuters

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No, Russians should rebuild it all. Also use the frozen funds of course. All of it. Let Putler pay for everything out of his pocket.


hope it doesn’t turn out to be like with Notre Dame when all the french billionaires pledged to help rebuild but either did nothing or wanted to own part of the cathedral. helpingis good, but it should be that: helping, not war profiteering.


>Ukraine’s richest man has pledged to **help rebuild** the besieged city of Mariupol, a place close to his heart **where he owns two vast steelworks** that he says will once again compete globally.


You mean the Ukrainian oligarch?


I do wonder how US markets could help Ukraine in the post-war phase… Then again, I guess the more pressing issue is to end the war first.