US Army using lessons from Ukraine war to aid own training

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Every country who has any sort military sense carefully studies and role plays all global conflicts and every other scenario that they can think up. They would be dumb not to. Learning from the mistakes of others is the cheapest military strategy lesson you can get.


I’ll probably be criticized for this opinion but I’m fucking glad we have the largest most advanced military on the earth.


>Down in the makeshift town, the opposition forces are confident they can hold off Palmer’s brigade despite the size difference. The [fictional] Denovians only have about 1,350 forces, but they are throwing everything they have at the brigade, from jamming and other electronic warfare to insurgency attacks and propaganda. >The role-players have their phones ready to film and post quickly to social media. >The Denovian forces want to portray the unit in the worst possible light, said Taylor, and constantly twist the narrative on social media so Palmer’s troops realize they are in a battle for the truth. Practicing how social media is now being used in informational warfare is a twist I never imagined. We are in unusual times for sure.


It’s vital for USA to have high tech infrastructure here in the USA. Drones and missiles are the weapons that will win future wars. We need chipmaking capacity and the educated workforce to support it.


>”sophisticated near-peer enemy” Jesus! Are they watching the same war as the rest of the world is?